Ford Ranger - Check Park Pilot Warning

Ford Ranger - Check Park Pilot Warning
Purchase brand new car, 1k of driving later, I get the following message - Check Park Pilot.
Check Park Pilot

So I have a 22 Ford Ranger XLT (technically 2021.75) dual cab, and after driving it for 1000kms I got an error code saying Check Park Pilot. For a brand new car, is not the thing you want to see.

Every time I shifted the transmission from park to drive or reverse, I would also need to click the okay on the steering wheel to make the message disappear.

Fortunately, this was all under warranty and seemed to be an easy fairly easy fix once the part came into the dealership.

Looking at the notes on the statement of works has the following;

F - PAM (Parking Assist Module) in/op
C - BCM fault
R - Removed and replaced BCM - Program BCM, Program TPMS
Reset PATS
Carried out PAM calibration
Road tested - PAM working correctly - all okay.


F - Parking malfunction warning on dash
R - Confirmed fault, inspected vehicle for damage
Checked for codes and cleared - 4 codes for front sensors. Not clearing

Checked wiring and connectors - all looks okay
Referred WSM (Workshop Manual) and carried out pin point test H
Disconnected C2280H at BEM and C1431 at RHF out sensor - checked for shorts at earth and each other and continunity back to BEM - all okay
Carrued out same tests for other 3 sensors - all tests pass
Locate bumper harness and 4 other tests on sensors plug in - still has same 4 codes
Disconnected RHF sensor and checked for codes - now goes to BIB3614 - open circuit - reconnected - goes back to BIB3696 - component failure

So taking a closer look over this appears that the sensor RHF sensor seemed to become faulty generating a BIB3969. The PAM module and the BEM modules seem to be okay, however, I think the BEM module may have needed to be reprogrammed and this is why both keys needed to be brought to the dealer.

After this work got completed, all sensors are working as they should again, and now I have the annoying beeping sounds when I back up.